“In May, the number of overnight stays almost doubled compared to April, although it remains well below the pre-pandemic levels”, says the Regional Directorate of Statistics (DREM) in the information provided.

In the same document, DREM indicates that "the first data for the tourist accommodation sector in the region, referring to the month of May 2021, show that 47,900 guests must have entered regional establishments".

These visitors, it adds, caused “206.9 thousand overnight stays, which corresponds to very significant year-on-year changes”, of +4.850 percent in terms of guests and +4.035% percent in terms of overnight stays.

In the month under review, "the domestic market contributed with 1.3 million overnight stays (weight of 61.2 percent) and the external markets with 800.1 thousand, which in relation with the same month of 2019 represents a "decrease of 22.3 percent for overnight stays from residents and 83.8 percent for non-residents”.

In the information, DREM highlights that the main inbound markets of non-residents “recorded some recovery in terms of overnight stays compared to the previous month (+81.9 percent)”.

The United Kingdom is the one that presents the biggest growth, “accounting in the respective month 24.6 thousand, followed by Germany with 22.4 thousand and France with 15.9 thousand”.

As for overnight stays from foreigners, says that “they will have grown 7484.1 percent compared to May 2020, standing at 139.8 thousand”.

Guests coming in with residence in Portugal reach 21.9 thousand and those residing abroad 26 thousand.

According to DREM, in May, "47.2 percent of tourist accommodation establishments will have been closed or have not registered any movement of guests".

"The hotel industry accounted, in May, 60.8 percent of establishments with movement of guests (50.7 percent in April)", concludes.