Real Estate Advisor Yared Hagos, from Nest Seekers Portugal, knows a thing or two about making the move to Portugal from overseas because he and his family have done just that, and can pass on valuable advice and insights thanks to living the entire process personally.

As a former international ice hockey player, Yared had already travelled the world but following his retirement he and his wife were looking to put down permanent roots and Portugal was the ideal option for them, not least due to the enviable weather the country enjoys.

“We moved to Portugal from Sweden almost four years ago to the day. We already had one child and my wife was pregnant with our second at the time and we were looking for a place to be able to live safely and happily while also being the perfect environment to raise our children,” explained Yared.

“The weather in Portugal was obviously a big factor in our choice but we were really looking for a place to call home, to live close to the beach and to enjoy a calmer pace of life”.

As with many people who choose to relocate to a country they are not very familiar with, Yared and his family opted to rent a property initially, to give them the time to be able to explore the local area and to find exactly what they were looking for in their perfect property. “We chose our rental property from looking at it online because we wanted the time to be able to figure out where we wanted to live. It took us a couple of years and then we found our perfect place.”

Yared has always had a keen interest in real estate and initially began with managing apartments and villas before moving into working with Nest Seekers. “I quickly learnt that many people face the same issues when they move to Portugal and wanted to be able to share my experiences with them to help them to settle in to the country and find their ideal home,” said Yared.

“There is a lot for a person to digest when they move here and it takes time to learn the ropes so I find that it really helps clients that I personally have gone through the entire process and can offer helpful advice and practical tips.

“When we first came my wife was seven months pregnant and we could speak no Portuguese so dealing with the health care system, and all other paperwork just involved with having a child, was a bit surreal but we got through it and can help others to do the same,” said Yared.

By living the entire experience himself, Yared is able to understand why some people can face obstacles in the country when they first arrive: “I always tell my clients that the first six months can be a bit of a headache but it is also an exciting time as you get to learn and understand the culture and the country that you are moving to.”

Now Yared and his family are completely immersed in the culture, allowing him to bring to his clients the best of both worlds – local knowledge combined with a foreign residents perspective.

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Photo by Maritha Estvall Photography