President looks to explorers to inspire change

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The President of the Republic said on 6 July that the experience of modern explorers contributes to understanding "the importance and urgency of conservation" of the planet, hoping that their stories inspire generations and induce changes in society.

In a recorded message addressed to the Global Exploration Summit that began on 6 July in Lisbon, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa said that the gathering of "extraordinary individuals who challenge the frontiers of knowledge" contributes to "inspire several generations, impelling change in society", making it "more aware, more mobilised" and reconciled "with the nature and urgency of cooperation and global attention in the fight against climate change".

"We understand the importance and urgency of the conservation of everything that surrounds us: the Earth, the oceans, space, and we also realise that we are all connected," the head of state said at the opening of the meeting, which brings together in Lisbon and the Azores explorers from more than 30 countries, as well as in other parts of the world in virtual meetings.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa said that the second meeting organised in Portugal by the Explorers Club, an organisation that dates back to 1904, is "essential to show what experts from around the world dedicate their lives to, how they do it and what for over decades, from the depths of the oceans, from the tops of mountains, from space to deserts and tropical forests".

"They break boundaries and take us beyond knowledge, contributing in such a real way to bring us closer to the unknown," said the head of state, stressing that "innovation cutting-edge technology and curiosity are the motto that points the direction of the future of scientific exploration."

The summit will run until the 9th, divided between the Gare Marítima de Alcântara and Teatro Micaelense, in Ponta Delgada, with virtual transmissions of the sessions on the meeting's website, addressing ocean exploration, nature conservation efforts and space exploration, among other topics.

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....."the importance and urgency of conservation".....

What a load of old tosh.

How many millions/billions of people will die at the hands of modern day explorers as they demand the 'race to space'?
Explorers/scientists do not give a s**t about any form of life in there head lights.

Africa, South America, Asia. These are huge areas of this planet that explorers have RAPED in the name of "extraordinary individuals who challenge the frontiers of knowledge".
" We are all connected" that why 4 billion of us are poverty enslaved and everyone is practicing Protectionism.

Keep the back-slapping up boys.
Elon forgot to tell you , the batteries are to save the explosive material on this planet for space exploration - not climate change!

By Love Steve from Alentejo on 08-07-2021 07:24

Good to know that there´s concern about these issues. What baffles me is that a President who used to teach at Lisbon Law University says nothing about upholding the rule of Law when it comes to Mayor Mr. Medina´s carelessness in throwing activist refugees living here under the bus by sharing their data with the countries these ppl fled from; and then there´s Mr.Cabrita, who can drive at 200km/hour, kill a maintenance road worker, not help victim on the scene, and gets away with it. Why the silence on this matter, Mr.Rebelo de Sousa, does the law apply differently to Mayors and gvrt Ministers?

By guida from Lisbon on 08-07-2021 06:37
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