The stoppage was called by the Independent Union of Workers of the Bus Station of Lisbon (SITRL) and will cover approximately 600 drivers, according to the Lusa News Agency, unionist João Casimiro.

“It doesn't make sense for a public transport driver with the responsibility he currently has and subject to the pandemic, as we have been, with the national minimum wage. Furthermore, we are a specialized class”, justified the president of SITRL.

Currently, the average salary of a worker is around 700 Euros (gross) while the national minimum salary is 665 euros.

João Casimiro stressed that the protest action, which will take place on Friday for 24 hours, takes place after “several attempts”, failed to reach an agreement with the company's management.

The president of SITRL also stated that the workers "will ensure the services necessary for the safety and maintenance of equipment and facilities" and also the "provision of the minimum and indispensable services to meet the company's needs".

The Bus Station of Lisbon works in the municipalities of Lisbon, Loures, Odivelas and Vila Franca de Xira, totaling around 400 thousand inhabitants.