Algarve dog poisonings

By TPN/Lusa, in Algarve · 09-07-2021 01:00:00 · 6 Comments

In Alcantarinha and Pêra, in the central Algarve, there have been reports of animals being poisoned during the months of May and June.

These poisonings have led to the local community reacting in a bid to alert the wider population about the situation.

Dog Poisoning Alert Algarve is the name of the Facebook page created to disseminate information about the poisoning of dogs that have already caused deaths in the area.

One of the founders of the page, Jeff Turner, who has lived in the Algarve for six years, is determined to prevent further poisonings. His dog was one of the victims who unfortunately lost his life at four and a half years old, due to an illegal poisoning near the Bora Bora hotel. Despite veterinarians' efforts, the Belgian shepherd died in less than two hours, Jeff explained.

According to Jeff Turner: “We have created the Facebook page to inform other pet owners of the dangers of deliberate poisoning both in this area and other places in the Algarve, it is also a group where any news can be shared on new poisoning events and any information on suspects involved laying traps and bringing them to justice as it is a criminal offence”.

The Portugal News spoke to Clínica Veterinária de Pêra, which has reported that in just one week, only in this clinic, three pets were admitted, one of which had been poisoned twice, totalling four cases of poisoning.

Asked about the poison used, the vet stated that: “It is a very strong product, because in 10 to 15 minutes, one of the dogs has already arrived here dead, which is rare”.

Despite having assured that the situation is not common in the Algarve, they leave a warning to all dog owners to protect their pets: “Animals must always walk on a leash and if they eat something strange, please always contact the vet, where they are usually attended to. Don’t let it spread!”

Find out more on the Facebook Page at:

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Dogs and motor homes two of the biggest blights in Portugal.
Both leave excrement everywhere.
Dog barking should be highly regulated as it is one of the greatest causes of neighbours disputes.

If your dog barks outside day and night they should be removed and destroyed.
That way owners will be bothered to train their dogs.

By James from Algarve on 11-07-2021 05:08

There is just to many constantly barking dogs, left alone outside empty propertys. Why allow a dangerous 35 kilo, unsupervised killer dog to harass people walking by. It is stunning.

By Joe Ear from Algarve on 11-07-2021 06:31

Dog noise is a serious problem which most dog owners are not aware of and mostly choice to ignore. Barking dogs noise and sleep problems can be serious. A lot more controls need to be put in place as to who can own a dog.

By Paul Woods from Porto on 10-07-2021 01:30

Although i feel sorry for the deaths of the poor dogs, i wonder how were they poisoned ? did someone put poisoned baits in your property or were the dogs freely walking around without a leash, both against the law, too many of these incidents occurring more should be done to reduce dog numbers so they are pets not just barking guard dogs, it's one of the biggest problems in this country being ignored by officials, so murdering innocent pets will continue, consider living in an apartment where one of the neighbours has 2 little dogs that bark endlessly, how do you deal with it when the owner ignores all dialogue and the police don't want to get involved, take care of your pets.

By Mr John from Algarve on 09-07-2021 07:14

Trail cameras?

By Ian from Other on 09-07-2021 01:57

Well done Jeff. . As you well know my 3 dogs were poisoned in this area..2 survived but my 3 year old Pedango didn't make it.. The Vetinaria in Pera did everything they could and were fantastic as always. This has to stop!

By Joe Read from Algarve on 09-07-2021 12:44
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