Blacktower Financial Management operates from offices in Lisbon and the Algarve and caters to the needs of these cross-border wealth management clients, helping them realise the full financial potential of living in Portugal.

Wealth Management for NHRs

We work with some of the many thousands of beneficiaries of the Portuguese NHR regime; these clients come from all over the world – including Scandinavia, South America, the United States, Australia and of course the UK and wider EU. Our clients generally share two things in common: a desire to protect and grow their savings into retirement, and a certain level of existing wealth, whether they are high net worth retirees or are among the “value-added” expat professionals who enjoy NHR status in Portugal.

This latter group may not be as numerous as the former, but the important role they play in stimulating the Portuguese economy is recognised by the flat rate 20% tax they receive on all their Portuguese business income.

The Foreign Property Investment Revolution

Portugal is increasingly popular with French expat retirees, who, when at home, face one of the most onerous tax burdens in the EU. In fact, according to Associação dos Profissionais e Empresas de Mediação Imobiliária de Portugal (APEMIP) in 2017 French nationals accounted for 29% of all foreign property investment in Portugal, followed by Brazilians (19%), British (English 11%), Chinese (9%) and Angolans (7.5%).*

This overseas investment has helped stimulate welcome growth in the Portuguese property market, particularly as a minimum property investment of €500,000 is one of the mandatory options for non-EU investors looking to benefit from the country’s Golden Visa scheme.

Not Just NHR – But a Wealth of Ways to Citizenship

Blacktower Financial Management is able to provide wealth management services and financial advice to all types of expat residents and overseas investors in Portugal. Whether you are a non-EU individual who enjoys Golden Visa status because of your investment in Portugal, a High Net Worth Individual with some form of financial interest in the country, or someone who qualifies for Portuguese residency through the Sephardic Jewish Ancestry programme, we can help you achieve your goals within the unique Portuguese cross-border context.

The Golden Visa scheme has proved successful in attracting expats from Brazil, the U.S. and Middle East. Not only does it enable the possibility of residency, it also provides a fast-track to citizenship through investment in property, creative industries and tech start-ups.

Successful investment in the country offers that rarest of combinations: growth and stability. According to the World Bank’s Doing Business rankings for 2019, Portugal ranks at number 1 for Trading Across Borders** while in the Institute for Economics and Peace’s 2019 Global Peace Index it is placed third in the overall “State of Peace” table and ninth in the “Societal Safety and Security Rankings.***

Blacktower Financial Management can help you realise the benefits of your residency status and Portugal’s favourable investment environment. Additionally, we may be able to provide assistance if you are one a member of one of the following “value added” professions:

  • Senior executives of multinational companies
  • Engineers
  • IT workers
  • Scientific researchers
  • University professors

Expertise and Trust for Portugal’s Expat Residents

Blacktower Financial Management has more than thirty years’ experience providing financial advice and services to High and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, particularly from Sweden, Ireland, France, Turkey and Great Britain.

Regardless of your country of origin, if you are an NHR, a Golden Visa holder, a permanent resident or other Portuguese-interested individual, we can help you plan to make the most of your unique cross-border situation.

We can provide expertise and knowledge in respect of savings, investments and pension strategies, including retirement and inheritance planning. If you live in Portugal for some or part of the year, we can help you ensure that your money works for you.

* Athena Advisers: French & Brazilians lead investments in Portuguese real estate. Accessed online 27-06-19
** Page 197, World Bank Group Flagship Report: Doing Business 2019 Accessed online 27-06-19
*** Pages 8 & 97, Institute for Economics & Peace: Global Peace Index 2019 Accessed 27-06-19

Blacktower Financial Management has been providing expert, localised, wealth management advice in Portugal for the last 20 years. We can help with specialist, independent advice on securing your financial future. Get in touch with us on (+351) 289 355 685 or email us at
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