Covid-19: Graça Freitas admits that there should be alleviated measures in September

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The Director General of Health, Graça Freitas, believes that from September it will be possible to remove the restrictions and learn to live with Covid-19, assuming that by that time 70 percent of the eligible population will be fully vaccinated.

In an interview with TSF and Jornal de Notícias, Graça Freitas revealed that the country has an "excellent rate of vaccination", making a prediction that "in early September, about 80 percent of the eligible population will have received the first dose, and 70 percent will have two doses". "If that happens, and even though we have the delta variant in circulation, it already gives us a pretty good level of immunity. Without zero risk, and of course depending once again on the epidemiological situation at that time, I believe that we will be able to live our lives alleviated from the current measures."
In the meantime, Freitas left a warning: "From time to time, we will have to close the tap, because the virus is able to expand." The forecast given of the percentage of the population that will be vaccinated in September already takes into account the age group between 12 and 15 years, which currently does not have an authorized vaccination. Although the technical opinion of the vaccination commission for these ages has not yet been announced, Graça Freitas said she has read it and with full transparency, says that there will be such authorization.
The bet on vaccinations is the most effective way to date found to try to control the virus, reducing its action to a minimum, but it is not foolproof, since "this virus, due to its ability to multiply and mutate, is not a candidate to be eradicated", she warns. A reflection of this is the fact that cases of infection occur in people already vaccinated. According to the Director General of Health, a total of 2,984,095 people with a complete vaccination schedule, and after 14 days on the second dose, 3,580 who became ill were identified, which corresponds to 0.1 percent.


People in the US are wearing masks in stores and on public transportation, at least in my state of California. The stupid Trump states are not wearing masks and cases of Covid are rising are death counts. I'm glad Portugal is much saner than the US.

By Natalie Gray from USA on 14-07-2021 12:00

Ms Freitas,
There is only one 'tap' to close.
Your mouth !

By Deandra from Lisbon on 12-07-2021 10:17

I do not have confidence in Graça Freitas. She is no good.

By Philip from Other on 12-07-2021 09:58

I would like to ask this Graça Freitas one question:
Do you realise that in Italy, Spain and the United States of America no one as using masks on the streets any longer ?
You, Graça Freitas are solely responsible for keeping Portugal back in the middle ages.
Whilst the rest of the world has moved on, you are keeping Portugal on the back foot playing catch up with your false narratives and continuous deceptive information.

By Helen from Lisbon on 12-07-2021 08:59

Wait for the bait and switch due to some 'exceptional' circumstance or Variation BS

By Bruce from Lisbon on 12-07-2021 08:42

I am an immigrant from the UK and are more than happy the way Portugal is dealing with Covid.

I know I feel safer here that the UK.

By Graham from Porto on 12-07-2021 08:24

Aiming 70% and linking restrictions alleviation to this % has only one goal: push the vaccinated people to out pressure on unvaccinated...

By David from Algarve on 12-07-2021 12:21

The Portuguese health officials and government who have committed this fraud against the Portuguese people and others, must be arrested! And tried!

Here is the statement from the lisbon judge, who ruled Portuguese government has lied and used false data to engineer a false state of emergency in portugal. Destroy businesses and ruin and kill thousands using lockdowns, denying people health treatment for existing illnesses for 18 months so far!

The Portuguese communists must be arrested, it’s a wicked crime!
Millions are ruined, injured, or dead, or committed suicide p, because of these marxist individuals tyrants, enjoying fame and regular pat heck’s while they kill and ruin millions of human beings in portugal!

By Janine Baker from Porto on 11-07-2021 07:41

Does anyone get the creeps seeing her face ? Or is it just me......

By Wendy from Lisbon on 11-07-2021 06:59

Terrible idea to vaccinate young children when we don’t know long term consequences

By Lola from Lisbon on 11-07-2021 05:39

"A reflection of this is the FACT that cases of infection occur in people already vaccinated“

Graça Freitas looks like one my aunties.
Ooohhh, I wonder if she can make Yorkshire Puddings just like my aunt Kath?

By love steve from Alentejo on 11-07-2021 04:09
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