Another “bomb” hits restaurants

By Paula Martins, in News, Tourism · 16-07-2021 01:00:00 · 32 Comments

Restaurant owners and managers talk about the limitations that having to present a certificate or self-test brings to a sector that is already severely weakened after 16 months of the pandemic.

With empty tables, some Algarve businesses are being faced with another “bomb” since the entry into force of the new measure that forbids people without a digital certificate or without a negative self-test from being able to have dinner inside restaurants, in high and very high risk counties, during the weekend.

“Every time a new announcement comes out, people get scared and the business stops completely and then after a few days it comes back. But now this was really a bomb for the restaurants”, said Bella de Rose, owner of Ciao Baby Trattoria – Pizzeria in Alvor.

“The restaurant owners have put everything they have into their establishments, always hoping that this would get better, but it’s only getting worse. I think all restaurants were affected, but those who don’t have a terrace are totally lost, because many Portuguese don’t have a digital certificate, not because they don’t want it, but because it’s not available.

“They say that 70 percent of the population is vaccinated, but just one vaccine isn’t enough to get the certificate. Additionally, the system is not working 100 percent. I’ve met people who have already been fully vaccinated, but don’t have access to the certificate”, she said.

“I have a totally open terrace with a capacity for 14 people, but how does a company survive with 14 people?” As a result, they have already purchased 10 self-tests to offer to customers, but last weekend none requested them. “People aren’t used to getting Covid-19 self-tests for dinner,” she said.

André Filipe, wine shop and restaurant manager at Repolho Gastrobar, told The Portugal News, how in Lagos they dealt with the first weekend of restrictions.

“Last weekend, I felt a huge difference in the number of clients due to the simple fact that many customers are not willing to take the tests in front of the establishment because they feel embarrassed”, adding that customers always have to wait outside, until the result comes out”, he said.

So far, the self-test has not been widely adopted by customers who don’t have the certificate, who prefer to dine on the terrace, even if it is cold.

“Fifteen to 20 minutes waiting. It’s embarrassing for the customer, it’s a difficult situation”, highlighted the manager.

In addition, André Filipe also mentioned that not all fully vaccinated people have the European certificate, which is the case for many Americans.

“For instance, there are people, mainly foreigners, who already have full vaccinations, but do not have a digital certificate, for example, in the USA there is no digital certificate, they only have a physical document, so it’s difficult. Can we accept it,? Or can’t we? It’s hard to know!” he said.

To face this new challenge, Tribulum restaurant in Almancil has already taken some measures. “We have already trained three members of staff to administer our self-testing and certification checking process and this has been working well”.
Furthermore, they said that despite this difficult time, they do not plan to lay anyone off. “During the pandemic and in light of the limited support available from the government, we adopted a policy of continuing to employ and pay our staff. We value our team and recognise that they need help during this difficult time.”

“Obviously the new requirements are yet another disruption and hurdle for businesses like ours to overcome. We are frustrated of course but also, like everyone, understand that we need to do what we can to overcome this situation and return to normal as quickly as possible.”

At Praia do Carvalho, we can also find the owner of Ò Carcaça Street Food & Bar, Tiago Laginha, who since the age of 14 has been working in the sector. Hesays that in all his years in the industry he has never experienced anything like this.
Although, he does not have an indoor restaurant, this also affects his local business. “It ends up having an impact because when the announcement comes out they don’t make any distinction. On Sunday (July 11th), people flocked to the shopping centres, which doesn’t control the epidemic”, he said.

According to Tiago Laginha: “Along with the whole situation, people have already made up their minds that they cannot go to restaurants, so they go to the supermarket and end up having a picnic on the beach” and do not consume in a local business.

Despite not agreeing with this new measure, Tiago Laginha wants to set an example and, although it is not mandatory, he decided to share his own Covid-19 certificate with these clients.

“I believe that it is important for people to feel safe. For this reason, it doesn’t make any sense for customers to be required to present the digital certificate, but employees don’t have a certificate to show, nor do they need to take regular tests. This situation is not logical”, he regrets.

The presentation of a digital certificates or negative self-test for those who want to eat inside is mandatory on Fridays from 7:00pm, throughout the weekends and during bank holidays, in restaurants in high or very high risk municipalities.
This measure is in force since 10 July. For complete information about the rules, please read:

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The sun is bright, the sky is blue, the grass is green !
...and for those who still thinks covid is real, the government sends you their love !

By Samuel from Lisbon on 20-07-2021 01:18

@ Cesar G - Yes it is amazing how a flu virus appears in february 2020 with a very low mortality similar to Season flu infleunza, 8 months later by a miracle vaccines from many pharma companies arrives and all of them only approved for emergency use, then month by month the pharma companies receive permission to jab children down to age 12 and now they want to jab 6 month old babies.

Never before in history have any illness caused total lock downs, curfews, social distancing mandatory mask wearing and in some countrys apartheid based on vaccination status.

Same steps happened in Nazi Germany where more and more laws and restrictions was imposed based on health, race and political opinions or nationality, we all know what the end game was in Nazi occupied Europe.

Some eople in this newspaper comment section must be sleeping very hard if they can not connect the dots.

Lets see which and if any countries in western hemisphere manages to roll back and stop the most extereme measures now happening in Europe. In USA it is much more difficult to make same tyranny measures like France, Portugal, Cyprus, Hungary and Germany are imposing, in USA the first and second amendement to the constitution are still very strong especially in Texas, Arizona, Alabama, Florida.

By Magnus from Other on 19-07-2021 12:40


You want to censor all of those who do not agree with you ?

I do not agree with your views, but I will defend your right to say them.

Can you name me one time in history where civilisation benefited from censorship?

By Linda from Lisbon on 19-07-2021 12:35

@ Magnus,
Let us conserve our energies.
It is a futile exercise to wake up those that are absolutely asleep amongst us.
Their moment of truth shall come in time.
Let's just wish them well whilst we walk forward without fear and with conviction of the facts we have found out and our wish to spread to all good men and women out there.
The reactions towards those spreading the truth is a testament of the good work we are doing.
This I know.
We must always keep up the good fight.
For Truth always !

By Cesar G. from Porto on 19-07-2021 11:34

Please block and delete all the ignorant and dangerous anti-vaccers from contributing their blatent lies and repeated misinformation.
Covid is a very serious and dangerous decease. The very effective and extremely safe vaccines we have available now protects people from getting seriously ill and premature death. Do not encorage unsafe behaviour or incite unvaccinated people to infect others. There are young and old with rare medical conditions that unfortunately are not able to accuire the vaccin protection, irregardless of need or want.
Help protect these innocent and stop intentionally spreading lies that hurts other people. Editors note: The more extreme anti vaccers replies are not published, but we must allow people to express their opinions.

By Joe Nelson from Algarve on 19-07-2021 07:52

I see American craziness has infected the Portuguese along with the virus. Get the vaccine for goodness sake.

By t.a. from USA on 19-07-2021 04:51

I'm a Portuguese citizen living in the U.S. and was fully vaccinated in the U.S. in March 21. Coming home soon but no digital certificate to prove I'm vaccinated. The regulations are quite short slighted, especially considering the importance of tourism.

By MikeV from USA on 18-07-2021 05:04

Porto4life can you please show 1 autopsy report confirming 1 death from wuhan flu?

Season flu influenza 2020 disappeared because covid 19 is the season flu.

By Magnus from Other on 18-07-2021 11:10

To me the most shocking situation is the fact that certificates are not available to fully vaccinated people who do mot have a utente number, who are mostly foreigners who were vaccinated through the portal for people without a utente number, you can this in the section "Quem pode pedir o Certificado Digital COVID da UE?", they have been giving people shots and a "temporary utente number", but it doesn't allow to get a certificate, see this facebook post from an example of someone facing the issue, , the newspapers should write about this.

By Mike B from Lisbon on 18-07-2021 10:16

How many of you here are Portuguese? I find it funny that it’s mostly foreigners whining yet the vast majority of Portuguese support all efforts no matter how hard they may be. We’ve been through worst and will come out on top with this one too.

By Porto4life from Alentejo on 18-07-2021 03:54

Discrimination and a violation of our human rights to not be allowed to purchase food! They are starving us! The “experimental” Vaccinations (they keep omitting in media that the jab is not actually approved by the FDA until 2023) do not protect against covid so the vaccinated can still be infected and transmit to others plus the fabricated new variants will mean more jabs will be needed. This is all madness!

By Michaela Wolff from Algarve on 17-07-2021 08:56

Vaccines against flu is worthless, and imposing vaccine apartheid and the vaccines doesnt work is evil and made not for health reasons, the agenda is about control.

United Kingdom: Vaccinated Minister of Social Affairs infected

The British new Minister of Social Affairs Sajid Javid says in a video on twitter on Saturday afternoon that he tested positive for covid. Javid adds that he has been vaccinated with two doses and has mild symptoms.

On Friday, Britain registered more than 50,000 new cases of covid-19, which is the highest number of days since January, reports the BBC .

Javid took up the post on 26 June. He says in the video on Saturday that he is now isolated.

SVT · Jonas Olsson

By Magnus from Other on 17-07-2021 06:23

Warning! If Portuguese people allow this to continue please think... the covid passports have limited validity this means that next step is 1 injection every month for the new made up false variant virus. All of you people writing here and think this ends if everyone get these drugs injected you are making a seriously mistake, it is going to increase and become much worse, and if you dont take the monthly injection the government impose on you you loose tax credits, child support money, you are denied to leave the country and next step is that the state block your phone number and prevent you from other medical treatments.

I am very sad how Portugal in only 1 year got into this situation.

By Magnus from Other on 17-07-2021 03:26

In an interview with one of the largest conservative talk shows in the United States, Tucker Carlson Tonight, doctor Peter McCullough says that Australian doctors who prescribe hydroxychloroquine as treatment for covid-19 are imprisoned for six months. Treatment of covid-19 is now not just recommendations, but law.

"If a doctor tries to help a covid-19 patient with hydroxychloroquine, that doctor will be jailed for 6 months," McCullough told a shocked Tucker Carlson.

By Magnus from Other on 17-07-2021 11:46

The competition for the most stupid government is a hard fought and close contest with many strong contenders but Canada, Portugal and Sweden must surely be amongst the first, second and third place. However lets not rule out France, Britain Germany and USA. They still have time to catch up, they have some woke idiots in charge who are doing their best to ruin working and middle class peoples lifes.

By Magnus from Other on 17-07-2021 11:41

Benjamin Franklin once said: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

By Magnus from Other on 17-07-2021 11:05

Swedish doctor Glenn Dormer state the following 14 points in their open letter and NewsVoice comments:

Doctor Glenn Dormer is from Canada and worked 21 years as doctor in Sweden, he is now on nation wide campaign against the covid vaccines

There is no significant increase in the total death toll in 2020 compared to the last 20 years in Sweden. Comment: The mortality rate in Covid-19 has been greatly exaggerated.

In 2009, the WHO changed the definition of the term pandemic from being based on death to being based on infection instead. Comment: This means that the Covid-19 pandemic is not really a pandemic.

During the winter half of 2020-2021, the Swedish Public Health Agency reported almost zero cases of influenza. Comment: Instead, these cases have been moved to the Covid-19 category.

PCR tests run for 35 cycles or more give 97% false positive answers. In Sweden, 45-50 cycles are run. Comment: the number of cases of infection has been greatly exaggerated in order to fire up the pandemic narrative.

Mouthguards do not limit the spread of respiratory viruses, instead they increase the risk of bacterial respiratory infections. Comment: Healthy people wearing mouth guards risk getting sick.

There is a clear link between vitamin D deficiency and the risk of hospitalization and death in Covid-19. Comment: Swedish healthcare is uninterested in strengthening the immune system with nutritional and vitamin supplements.

The drug Ivermectin works to prevent and treat Covid-19, but Swedish doctors are not allowed to prescribe it.

Hydroxychloroquine, zinc and Azithromycin are effective combination therapies for Covid-19. Comment: these drugs are stopped all over the world.

Shutdowns ( lockdown ) has no scientific support for the prevention of the spread of Covid-19. On the contrary, shutdowns cause financial damage and increased mental illness as well as delayed diagnosis of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Incidentally, healthy children do not die from Covid-19.

There is no need to expose children to an experimental injection.
Covidine injection is a gene therapy injection and not a vaccine in the traditional sense. The individual can still become infected.

It usually takes between 5-15 years to develop a vaccine. Since February 2021, an increase in the number of covid cases has been observed at the same time as people have received the covid injections.

We are now in a combined phase 3 and phase 4 study in a drug trial without the informed consent of the individual, which is contrary to the Nuremberg Commission.
Vaccination sessions will lead to an apartheid system and further reduced individual freedom. Comment: read more about the horror example Israel .

We [doctors] should always try to cure the patient. When we can not cure, we must alleviate. When we can not relieve, we must comfort and above all we must not harm the patient. Cure Sweden demands that covid injections be stopped immediately in all age groups ” - Hanna Åsberg, licensed doctor and specialist in general medicine and Glenn Dormer, certified doctor

By Magnus from Other on 17-07-2021 09:31

Christiaan, all the old diseases like TBC, Polio, Hepatities A and B, Measles and more arrived back to Europe in 2015 with the mass migration from middle east, Africa and Afghanistan. Germanys Chancellor Merkel and Swedens PM Löfven and French president Macron have made all migrants exempts from medical check ups and when the migrants like in Germany, Sweden and Frances case receive PUT permanent residence status and same year they get Swedish passport these people can move free around Europe.

Also Yellow Fever is a disease with 30% mortality compared with covid 0,2% and not many Europeans know this but Zika virus mosquitos a few years ago was found in southern Germany imported via Africa and Asia, we have Zika now in Europe spreading via Mosquitos, when temperatures rise like we seen past 6 years both Malaria and Zika is going to become a problem in Spain and Portugal same with Yellow Fever, all of this you can confirm with ECDC.

And why are migrants exempt from PCR tests? It doesnt make sense native Europeans shall be harassed like this but people arriving every day to Europe without any papers do not need to take any tests, also why is no screening made to prevent Ebola arriving to Europe?

By Magnus from Other on 17-07-2021 09:27

Neil, put your copy paste button away. There's nothing in that text prohibiting these measures.

By Christiaan from Porto on 16-07-2021 10:37

Magnus, perhaps you weren't ware but there is no pandemic of hepatitis, TB, measles, smallpox or yellow fever. And the reason for this is an invention called vaccines. Yellow fever is also a tropical disease so you'll be quite safe from that in a Portuguese restaurant. Does that answer your question? A good faith question I'm sure.

By Christiaan from Porto on 16-07-2021 10:11

Ridiculous!if all restaurants refuse to comply then this ruling will have to be overturned.Already thousands of rest/bars have signed a petition of non compliance.wake up folks,your freedoms are being snatched away every day.You can guarantee the powers that be will take all they can get.

By S.c from Algarve on 16-07-2021 06:05

It a wipe out !
Restaurant owners will have a field day when they sue the government for negligence In the near future.
I predict a total collapse of the government as we know it due to it

By Fernando from Lisbon on 16-07-2021 05:16

I challenge business owners to start ignoring this rule of anyone being vaccinated. IT makes no sense. The constitution is clear on this: Have a look at articles 25, 26 and 27 (7th revision of 2005):
Article 25
(Right to personal integrity)
1. Every person’s moral and physical integrity is inviolable.
2. No one may be subjected to torture or to cruel, degrading or inhuman treatment or punishment.
Article 26
(Other personal rights)
1. Everyone is accorded the rights to personal identity, to the development of personality, to civil capacity, to citizenship, to a good name and reputation, to their image, to speak out, to protect the privacy of their personal and family life, and to legal protection against any form of discrimination.
2. The law shall lay down effective guarantees against the improper procurement and misuse of information concerning persons and families and its procurement or use contrary to human dignity.
3. The law shall guarantee the personal dignity and genetic identity of the human person, particularly in the creation, development and use of technologies and in scientific experimentation.
Article 27
(Right to freedom and security)
1. Everyone has the right to freedom and security.
2. No one may be wholly or partially deprived of their freedom, except as a consequence of a judicial conviction and sentence imposed for the practice of an act that is legally punishable by a prison term or the judicial imposition of a security measure.

By neil from Beiras on 16-07-2021 03:20

This will NEVER stop until you stop complying. You are willing participants in your own demise

By Latoysha Adams from USA on 16-07-2021 03:17

I agree 100% with Magnus! Where are the human rights lawyers? We need them!

By SS from Algarve on 16-07-2021 02:44

With regard to another bomb hits restaurants. The digital certificate to show covid jabs is available online and is easy to do. I did it last week. So no excuses please about it not being available

By Jeannie from Algarve on 16-07-2021 01:21

The murder and extinction of thousands of small to medium sized enterprises is what this is all about.
We need to stand and up and wake up to this fraud of epic proportions gripping our lives.

By Gabriel from Lisbon on 16-07-2021 12:27

Turns out there is not currently a pandemic of hepatitis, TB, measles, smallpox or yellow fever. And the reason for that is that we developed a thing called vaccines. Yellow Fever is also a tropical disease, so you're pretty safe from that in a Portuguese restaurant.

By Christiaan from Porto on 16-07-2021 11:41

I agree with Tiago, I've made my mind long ago when the conditions started, I can't go to restaurants. Doesn't really matter the conditions, I simply refuse to prove I'm dangerous to get a dinner. But I order to take away all the time and eat somewhere else than restaurant. Of course, drinks, coffee, deserts, etc, the restaurant is missing out on those for sure. This is pure comunism.

By Pedro from Lisbon on 16-07-2021 11:33

Stay scared comrades, your leaders will free your life.....of your freedom.

By Pedro from Lisbon on 16-07-2021 11:24

Completely agree Magnus.

This is medical fascism. Wake up. The gulags were full of people who thought it could not happen them.

There is no logical argument for vax passports. If the vax works, you are protected. If it doesn't, there is no point in the passport. Even the manufacturers do not claim it stops transmission.

By Linda from Lisbon on 16-07-2021 10:06

Hear my warnings, in a few months Portuguese people can not visit the supermarket without the vaccines. Free movement and access to goods and services inside EU common market are guaranteed under EU and UN charters regardless of vaccination.

And why can people without vaccination against Hepatitis A and B, TBC, Measles, Smallpox, Yellow Fever visit restaurants, can the virus tell which day and time it is?

By Magnus from Other on 16-07-2021 04:21
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