The event will take place between the 6 and 15 August, in the city of Alcácer do Sal, in the tourist village of Comporta in Setúbal. It is ran by the Sons association of Lusophony (ASL) and according to the promoters, the festival is inspired by the "various cultures that are crossed” in this territory will give a stage to "thinkers" and "great voices" of national jazz in this littoral municipality. "The Alcácer do Jazz festival was designed to build formal forums of debate, taste and experiences, creating a sense of belonging to an increasingly inclusive community," the organization explains. Therefore, "the central schedule of concerts and meetings has 50 percent of women in the casts", as the association intends to consolidate "its position on the issue of gender equality and opportunities".

The artistic director of the event, Carlos Martins quoted in the statement, that "betting on a jazz festival in Alcácer do Sal is an act of love and resistance made by affirming culture through the presentation of the best improvised music made in Portugal". "At a time when artists in general and the jazz community in particular suffer so many limitations and so many artistic and social problems," the promoters "knew how to think of a festival that brings great voices of national jazz and brings thinkers who have a concrete relationship with the local community thinking in global terms", he points out.

Over the course of nine days, the public can watch the concerts of Mário Laginha, Carlos Martins, Marta Hugon, Beatriz Nunes, Maria João, Salvador Sobral and the trio Barradas-Toscano-Pereira, and participate in "bringing the community together through debates”. These meetings will focus on topics such as "Mediterranean Music and Culture", "Jazz Mathematics" and "Jazz in the Philharmonics" that "brings young people, of both sexes, from band music to the world of improvisation", the organization revealed.

Festival Line up

The festival starts on the 6 August, at 9pm, with the performance of Mário Laginha Trio, on the Rio Sado Stage, in Alcácer do Sal, which receives the next day, and at the same time, the show "Sempre" by Carlos Martins Quinteto, which brings together several compositions of authors connoted with the spirit of 25 of April. Singer Marta Hugon closes the first cycle of concerts of the jazz festival, on 8 August, from 7pm, at the Aldeia da Comporta Stage. The shows return to the Rio Sado Stage, from the 12 to the 14 August, with Beatriz Nunes Quinteto, singer Maria João, who presents her musical project Ogre Electric, and Salvador Sobral, with the album "BPM". On the last day, 15 August, it marks the performance of Barradas-Toscano-Pereira Trio and the show "Jazz in the Philharmonics", which will have elements of the local philharmonics "Calceteira" and "Pazoa" and José Soares Trio. The Alcácer do Jazz Festival is promoted by the Chamber of Alcácer do Sal under the Portugal 2020 program. All events integrated in the “Alcácer do Jazz” program are free of charge upon queuing at the venues without prior reservation.