“As of next Sunday, the time limitation on public road circulation will come to an end”, said António Costa, at a press conference, after the meeting of the Council of Ministers, in Lisbon.

As part of the risk map update carried out last week, on July 22, 116 of the 278 municipalities in mainland Portugal (41.7%) were at high (55) or very high (61) risk of covid-19 , with more restrictive measures in these municipalities resulting in a curfew between 11pm and 5am.

"We will no longer apply differentiated measures depending on the situation in each municipality and the measures will have a national dimension", said the prime minister, revealing that the first phase of the Government's plan starts on Sunday, 1 August.

The measures for high risk level and very high risk level began to be applied from the Council of Ministers on June 17, after the four phases of the then Government's easing of lockdown plan, implemented between March 15 and May 1, and a new phase in effect from June 10th.