“The Municipal Stadium of Aveiro, which will host the match between Sporting CP and SC Braga regarding the Cândido de Oliveira 2021 Super Cup, will have 33 percent of its capacity filled by fans of both clubs”, said the Portuguese Federation of Football (FPF).

According to the FPF, “the decision was taken by the Directorate-General for Health in line with the Government and the Portuguese Football Federation”.

The FPF clarifies that the “seats available for the match are intended only for Sporting and Sporting Braga supporters and ticket holders “must comply with the requirements and recommendations issued by the DGS for entry into the venue”.

In addition to the usual conditions for accessing and watching sports events of this type, spectators will all need a valid Covid-19 digital certificate with complete vaccination, or a PCR test with a negative result, carried out up to 72 hours before the match.

Fans who present an antigen test with an equally negative result may also enter the Stadium, carried out up to 48 hours before the match, and body temperatures must be below 38ºC.

The permanent use of a mask and the maintenance of social distance will be mandatory.

The FPF explains that the ticket sales process will be the “exclusive responsibility” of Sporting and Sporting de Braga, and it will be up to them to “define the criteria for their acquisition”.

The Minister of Health has described the game as a possible “test event” for the return of spectators.