The law approved on the 21 June in the Assembly of the Republic, was published today in the Diário da República and enters into force on Saturday. The Government is responsible for regulating within three months. The survey is aimed at agents who work at the various stages of the food chain, namely in production, processing, storage, packaging, transport, distribution, sale and consumption.

The National Commission for Combating Food Waste (CNCDA) is responsible for determining the methodological procedure and organizing the survey. This procedure must be completed six months after the entry into force of the law. The processing of data obtained through the Survey is the responsibility of the National Institute of Statistics, the document explains. The date and deadline for carrying out the Survey will be determined by the Government, which will also ensure it is properly funded.

The law published today also determines that after the investigation is completed, a report is drawn up that presents the conclusions in a systematic, clear and objective manner under the responsibility of the CNCDA, which sends it to the member of the Government responsible for the food sector. The Government will then be responsible for sending the report to the Assembly of the Republic, which will hold a public discussion on its content, involving all interested parties.