"It's my first role as a lead actor in a major production," Alfredo Tavares told Lusa, noting that he will play the head of an underwater construction company between Scotland and Denmark. The actor, who has been working between Los Angeles and London, went to study at Cours Florent school in Paris at the age of 41. Two years later, he moved to New York Film Academy in Los Angeles and after graduating he entered film and television, doing figuration and double work in multiple films and series. "The most important film I've ever made in Los Angeles was "Once and for all... Tarantino's Hollywood, who approached me from Central Casting," said Alfredo Tavares, he played Kurt Russell's double in the film. "We had in this movie Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Kurt Russell, Al Pacino, and it was amazing that I was among these people at the same time. It was a dream," he said.

Although he only started his career in 2018, and through the pandemic, Alfredo Tavares already has an extensive resume, which includes titles such as "Le Mans '66: The Duel", "Big Little Lies", "Bridgerton", "I May Destroy You", "The Rookie" or "9-1-1", among others. He is currently filming "The Crown" for Netflix, having participated in the fourth season, now taking on the role of Prince Charles' bodyguard. "In two years I'm already on the verge of the main actors with small dialogues." The next projects in which the audience will see his work are "Jungle Cruise" with The Rock, "Venom: Let there be carnage", directed by Andy Serkis and starring Tom Hardy, "Mission Impossible 7" with Tom Cruise, and "Batman" by Matt Reeves, starring Robert Pattinson.

"My dream is to make great films as a lead actor and to be known worldwide," said Alfredo Tavares, saying that this was a dream he had as a child and decided to embrace after a long career at Siemens. "I don't think a person should ever abandon a dream. A dream must be realized now or later, but one should never abandon it," said the actor, who is from Aveiro. A black belt in karate and kickboxing, Alfredo Tavares told LUSA how his love of action cinema was inspired by films with Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme. "My dream was to be an actor, but I didn't have the money to pay for a training course," he recalled.

Mentioning the actress Daniela Ruah and the actor Joaquim de Almeida as Portuguese references in Hollywood, Alfredo Tavares said he aspires to reach the highest level of cinema. "I want to represent Portugal. I mean I have Portuguese blood" he said. "I want to show the world that I am Portuguese," he reiterated. Underlining a huge motivation, the actor said he does sport every day, only eats organic food and takes his health and fitness very seriously. "I want to get to 60 and be in good health as if I was 30, to achieve my dream of being a world-renowned actor."

In regards to the success he has achieved in such a short time, the actor said that his willingness to do all kinds of roles and having good telegenic characteristics are part of the equation. "The producers tell me that the main thing I have is a 'great look' for the camera," he said.

Interested in continuing to work between Los Angeles and Europe, Alfredo Tavares highlighted the "quality of life" in Southern California, with good weather, good food, beaches and less stress. In terms of productions, he highlighted the unparalleled features that exist in Los Angeles. "The big difference I see as an actor is the huge material they put into the movies. It's all gigantic," he said. "They can build houses and hotels in the middle of the desert just to make a movie." That's what happened to "Le Mans '66: The Duel", starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale. "In a desert up against Los Angeles they built a track just to do the competition. They built the buildings around the track in 15 days and after filming they destroyed everything," he said. "If it was in London or another part of the world, they couldn't do that."