The National Road Safety Authority (ANSR), the Public Safety Police (PSP) and the Republican National Guard (GNR) will launch the campaign to clamp down on speeding.

In a statement sent to Lusa, the PSP states that the campaign "has the objective of alerting drivers to the risks of speeding, given that this is one of the main causes of accidents on the roads, and is responsible for more than 50 percent of the registered infractions”.

The campaign, included in the 2021 National Inspection Plan, will run from 10 to 16 August.

"In order to contribute to reducing the risk of accidents and the adoption of safer behaviour by drivers", the campaign will integrate awareness actions by ANSR and inspection operations by PSP and GNR "with special focus on roads and accesses with a high traffic flow” where infractions regularly occur that represent an increased risk for the occurrence of accidents.

PSP claims that "speed is the cause of a third of all fatal accidents".