While online learning is not new, its importance and benefits became apparent this year.

A world away from the swift and panicked transfer of their classrooms to a laptop screen that many students experienced with the onset of Covid-19, InterHigh is designed to be taught online. A UK curriculum is delivered through live lessons by expert teachers using virtual and interactive technologies, alongside a rounded school experience of clubs, assemblies and pastoral support. With over 16 years’ experience in online schooling, educating over 10,000 students, InterHigh offers primary, secondary and sixth form education for ages seven to 19.

Emma Beer, moved her son to InterHigh due to Covid-19 after finding it challenging to make a credible transition from ‘mum’ to ‘teacher’. Since enrolling him, Emma said: “He’s more settled into a routine and is far more engaged in learning at home. During the first two weeks of schools closing, it was difficult to home educate my son and I struggled to find material online which engaged him, meaning I had to constantly sit next to him to keep an eye on what he was doing. The crisis has unveiled an amazing opportunity for my son to try a different approach to education.”

As many modern families consider a more flexible approach to their working life, it’s no surprise that many are also looking for alternatives to a ‘traditional’ school education for their children. The benefits of online can’t be denied; study anytime, anywhere in a community where students feel most comfortable, supported, creative and engaged. Many of the skills that students develop in studying online are relevant in the global virtual workplaces of the future.

InterHigh alumnus Kieran Bjergstrom confides “my academic skills were allowed to develop ahead of the usual pace, which would have been unfeasible in an ordinary school… I developed the spirit of pursuing my interests with a view to success whilst at InterHigh, and I have applied this mentality since. Combined with the ability to self-motivate, it has enabled me to convert my interests into a feasible business and combine career success with interest and intellectual challenge.”

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