Based in the Algarve, Colégio Bernardette Romeira recognises the importance of sports and the school aims to provide a wide selection of quality sports on a regular basis for all students. The team at the school believe strongly that sports are a right for every child and that from an early age sport can help to promote positive and healthy habits that contribute to the overall goal of helping to shape citizens of the world.

Regular physical exercise contributes to better concentration and performance, while also reducing stress and improving discipline. Colégio Bernardette Romeira considers it important to combine the practice of sport with the educational process. Promoting among students, the practice of various types of sports in order to complement what is required by the school curriculum defined by the Ministry of Education.

It is widely acknowledged that the practice of group and individual sports are important in the forming of personality and in the acceptance of social rules. In addition, the fostering of team spirit develops skills in terms of communication, solidarity, mutual help and cooperation, fundamental elements in education for citizenship, important in life in society and in the world of work.

The educational project of Colégio Bernardette Romeira is based on this preparation of the “Citizen of the World”, for the growing multiculturalism and tolerance that requires constant adaptation to change and other ways of acting in the global world.

At Bernardette Romeira College there are three main sports, Swimming (Kids, Cadets and Absolutes), Karate (Class 1, from 5 to 7 years old and Class 2, from 8 to 13 years old) and Basketball (Mini 8, Mini10 and Mini12). There is also the possibility of practicing capoeira and artistic gymnastics.

With the aim of implementing healthy living habits in our young people, the Associação Cultura e Desportiva Colégio Bernardette Romeira association was created more than a decade ago in order to reconcile the cultural and sporting aspects of supporting the school’s educational project.

In September 2004, the Basketball Club of Colégio Bernardette Romeira was created, becoming a member of the Algarve Basketball Association and, therefore, the Portuguese Basketball Federation. This affiliation allows the teams to take part in competitions, while supporting the structures that gradually and sustainably develop the club.

With Karate, this is practiced with the main intention of developing the notion that the body occupies a space, through the practice of katas (displacements with attacks and defenses in various directions). Another objective is to work on the notion of near and distant space through the techniques used with partners, to develop the aesthetic notions of the body through the correction of postures / attitudes and to educate breathing through movement. In the words of teacher Bruno Silvestre, responsible for Karate training and 2nd Dan of Karate Shito-Ryu, “Karate facilitates concentration, improves balance, develops flexibility and coordination, contributes to an appropriate body posture and develops self-confidence and a sense of security in athletes”.

Swimming is considered one of the most complete and beneficial sports activities for anyone who practices it, with emphasis on the development of cardiorespiratory capacity and on muscle development without any harmful impact on the joints and bones, given that it takes place in the water, and also the development of multilateral movement and coordination. . In the words of teacher Lauro Ribeiro who have the reponsabiliti of this area.

“Swimming is one of the most practiced sports in the world and one of the most comprehensive by developing physical capacities and moving the whole body in a synchronised way. This is a practice that must be instilled from an early age, not only because we live in a country where there is easy access to beaches, pools, rivers, streams but it is especially important for children to be able to be autonomous in the aquatic environment.”

At Colégio Bernardette Romeira, it is believed that the practice of sport is conducive to the acquisition of values and skills for life. Sport and the arts promote unique learning that better prepare students for their future lives.

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