The Belgians, who eliminated Portugal at the European Championship (1-0), but lost in the quarter-finals against Italy, are still at the top of the standings, but now chased by Brazil, who dethroned France from second place.

The South American team rose from third to second place after being a finalist in the Copa America, against Argentina (1-0).

Among the European teams, Italy rose two positions and is now ranked fifth, after beating England in the final, who remain in fourth place in the ranking.

In contrast, Portugal, as well as France (eliminated in the round of 16) and Spain (eliminated in the quarter finals), dropped positions, with the Portuguese team in eighth, world champions France in third and the Spanish in seventh.

FIFA rankings:

1. (1) Belgium, 1,822 points.

3. (2) Brazil, 1,798.

2. (3) France, 1762.

4. (4) England, 1753.

5. (7) Italy, 1,745.

6. (8) Argentina, 1714.

7. (6) Spain, 1680.

8. (5) Portugal, 1662.

9. (11) Mexico, 1658.

10. (20) United States, 1,648.