The film, which had its release date in the United States for the 24 September, has been moved to the 15 October, according to the film studio, following the multiplication of contagions by Covid-19. In Portugal, the most recent 'trailer' of the film, released last week, did not indicate a release date other than "exclusively in cinemas this year".

According to data cited by Variety and the Hollywood Reporter, the number of movie viewers in the United States who say they are “very or somewhat comfortable” in cinemas has fallen by 14 percentage in the space of a month to 67 percent.

Venom's second film, starring Tom Hardy, thus becomes the second work to leave September as a time of release, after the premiere of “Clifford – The Red Dog”, scheduled for the 17th of that month, which was suspended by Paramount. Both films would have exclusive movie premieres, unlike the work of other companies that rely on 'streaming' platforms to offset movie losses. The first “Venom” was a success that earned 728 million euros globally in 2018.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, attention is now focused on the new chapter in the James Bond saga, which is scheduled to be released worldwide from the end of September, before its debut in the United States on 8th October. The box office results in the United States have suffered further declines in recent weeks, with the highlight being an opening weekend of “Suicide Squad” disillusionment, with 22.3 million euros in revenue.

In Portugal, cinemas received in July 588,492 spectators, an increase compared to the same period of 2020, but also compared to June, being the best month since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, revealed the Instituto do Cinema e Audiovisual (ICA) on Wednesday.

According to data released by the ICA, Portuguese movie theaters earned 3.3 million euros in July, compared to 398,000 euros recorded in the same month of 2020 and above the 2.7 million euros in June. In the accumulated result for this year, 1,474,709 people have already gone to the cinema in Portugal, with a total turnover of 8.2 million euros.