Among the 31 European countries, Portugal has been ranked in first place as the best European country for a road trip in a study carried out by Momondo, a global travel research site.

The new research points to Portugal being the perfect destination for a road trip. The country had a very high score on criteria such as road quality, abundance of nature, points of interest and car rental prices, as well as hours of sunshine per year, low air pollution and traffic.

Momondo analysed 31 European countries through an index with six categories: climate, safety and infrastructure, price, traffic and sustainability, car rental and nature, and points of interest.

In each category, 17 factors were defined to create the most complete picture possible of what might interest travellers when deciding on a trip to a destination.

According to the rankings, Portugal came in first place on the list with a final score of 100, the highest on the scale.

In this index, Portugal is followed by Spain, which presents very similar scores, and by Luxembourg. “Although the climate is not the most attractive in Luxembourg, the country that ranks third has incredible nature and cultural and historical offerings. Car rental prices are reasonable, as are accommodation and fuel. And furthermore: you don’t pay tolls to travel”, said Momondo.

The top 10 best destinations for a road trip according to Momondo are:

  1. Portugal
  2. Spain
  3. Luxembourg
  4. Germany
  5. Sweden
  6. Slovenia
  7. Finland
  8. Denmark
  9. Italy
  10. Iceland

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