In its monthly bulletin on the fuel and LPG market, the Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE) said that, in July, the average sale price (PVP) of 95 gasoline increased to €1.713 per liter, compared to €1.668 in June, with taxes being the “most significant” component, accounting for approximately 57.7 percent of the total gasoline price.

At the same time, “the international price and the respective freight now represent 27.5 percent, reflecting the increase in international price”.

With regard to diesel, in July the PVP increased to €1.508 per liter (€1.476 in June), “adding the third consecutive increase since the correction in April”.

Also in diesel “the largest share of the PVP paid by the consumer corresponds to the tax component, followed by the value of the international price and freight, which increased in line with the behaviour of international markets”, the bulletin reads.

Supermarkets continued to present “the most competitive offers” when it comes to fuel prices, followed by operators in the low cost segment.

In the case of diesel, supermarkets had average prices around 10.2 cents per liter below the national average PVP, while for gasoline this difference was of 13 cents.