According to the Employment and Vocational Training Institute (IEFP), at the end of July, 368,704 unemployed people were registered with the Employment Services of the Mainland and the Autonomous Regions, a number that represents 66.5 percent of a total of 554,797 job applications.

The total number of unemployed registered in the country was lower than in the same month of 2020 (-38,598 people, equivalent to a drop of 9.5 percent) and also lower compared to the previous month (-9,168 unemployed, a fall of 2.4 percent).

At a regional level, in July unemployment registered, in year-on-year terms, increased only in the Madeira region (+1.7 percent).

The remaining regions registered “significant decreases” in unemployment, with the Algarve recording the sharpest drop (-21.5 percent).

Compared to June, registered unemployment fell in all regions, with the “most significant” reductions occurring in the Algarve (-10.5 percent) and in the Centre (-2.7 percent).