After graduating early, two teenagers set off from their Minnesota home to embark on a 2,200 mile canoe journey up the heart of North America. Their end destination was the permafrost shores of Hudson Bay. They had no experience but despite that they still managed to go on a journey of a lifetime. Ultimately the story also explores the strength of friendship. I liked the fact that the author describes the highs and the lows in detail making this a more authentic story.

We follow the pair as they embark on an adventure up the flooding Minnesota River and through the prairie plains of North Dakota, across Lake Winnipeg, and down the rapids of the Canadian north.

The adventure challenges them physically, their friendship, dreams and eventually even their lives. This is a wild and free adventure that you dream of but never think can happen. They braved the heat, cold, exhaustion, sleet, fog and their own minds. We share their journey through their eyes.

The author Sean is now a social studies teacher and is a high school hockey. In the summer of 2011, he and three college friends (Colton Witte, Blake Spanier, and Sam Ebenreiter) lived off the land in the Absaroka-Beartooth Region of Montana for one month. The foreword is written by Colton Witte.

This epic real life story revolves around perseverance and the tenacity to finish what they started and will appeal to all adventurers - young and old!

I thought this was a well written book and I enjoyed reading it.