This book is set in the coastal town of Afife, Portugal. The main character Mateus Cordozo, is contemplating the state of his mediocre life. A strikingly beautiful yet mysterious woman appears in his life and this is about to disrupt his life and threaten his core values. One which he has the power to prevent

In the meantime a global crisis is about to threaten mankind and the very survival of mankind.

That author submitted this book as part of the campaign for local books, so it was great to see a story set in Portugal.

The author Réal Laplaine lives in Sweden and has published 14 novels. I think this quote by Réal is an apt understanding of what inspires him `I write thrillers that push the edge ... My style of writing reflects my own philosophy and experience in life. I believe we came from the stars, and someday, we'll get back out there’

This is a fast paced read but the plot contains complex ideas which adds a depth to the book. Full of action and real life scenarios this is one of those books you can spend hours reading without realising where the time has gone. There are plenty of surprises and twists.

This book will appeal to crime and science fiction fans. And will also interest those intrigues by geopolitical themes.

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