“More than ever, we also need to be aware of and understand the new phenomena of opposition to modern medicine, in Portugal and in the world, which can bring serious problems. To fight misinformation, there is nothing better than health literacy," said the government official, who insisted on listing the promotion of literacy in the sector as "a public health priority" in the country.

In a recorded message for the presentation of the study 'Health Literacy in Migrant Populations', carried out by the National School of Public Health of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and presented at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lacerda Sales guaranteed that the role of literacy is “recognised by all for the efficiency of health care”, defining it as “an essential tool for the sustainability of the National Health Service”.

The secretary of state highlighted that there has been an increase in literacy in the sector in recent years, but admitted that there is still "a way to go" and that it is still necessary to "reduce disparities" in health, in addition to the integration of immigrant populations.

“We have to fulfil the commitment of not leaving anyone behind”, reiterated Lacerda Sales, without failing to observe that, given the growing reception of migrants, “health is a crucial factor for integration”.