I am already being attacked for over 6 months on the street, in bars, restaurants, supermarkets,vaccination centres, newspapers etc only for telling the truth but I will never give up before all people will finally see what is really going on in this world, as God told me to do.

I do not feel any hatred or anger towards all those people attacking me. God taught me only to spread love and not hate. I do realise these people are all good people as well with nothing bad in mind, but unfortunately they are so brainwashed by the main stream media that they can’t accept there is another side of the story.

Just a side step, yesterday an Australian governer stepped down after it was discovered that she was payed between 20 and 30 million dollars for promoting (pushing) the vaccine.

Mrs. Elizabeth Brown is refering that Ivermectin and Hydroxychlorocine are not curing Covid and that remdesivir is a good medicine against Covid - exactly the information the BBC is pushing every day on their channels. How reliable is the BBC when they protected somebody for over 30 years (because they were making big money on him), instead of protecting the hundreds of innocent children he abused in the BBC studios and elswhere.

No, I prefer to rely on those English nurses who come out on the internet, giving up their job because they cannot handle seeing so many vaccinated people arriving in hospitals with severe adverse reactions from the so called vaccine and they never even consider taking the vaccine. What about the thousends of French nurses, already fired by Macron, all giving up their jobs and still having a mortgage to pay, children to raise, why do they take such a very difficult decision? Well they know they are putting their children at risk in not being able to raise them if they will have adverse reactions after taking the jab.

Are all those thousands of nurses completely wrong?

Martin, Silves