Contacted by Lusa agency, sources of the Judiciary Police (PJ) indicated that the suspect, of foreign nationality, was sent to the Prison in Beja.

The man was identified and detained by the PJ, through the Criminal Investigation Department of Portimão, on Saturday, due to “strong evidence” of the practice of the crime of arson that occurred that same morning at the Fluvial Odemirense Club (CFO).

The building of this sports, cultural and recreational association was "completely taken over" by the flames, which did not cause any injuries, said a source from the District Command for Relief Operations, on Saturday, stating that the alert for the fire was raised at 5:37 am.

The fire, which destroyed the CFO's facilities, caused damage worth "200 thousand euros".

Ilídio Soares, from the club said that the fire was “a true tragedy”.

According to Ilídio Soares, the flames destroyed the material that was in the hangar, “including around 60 boats”, as well as the gym and the changing rooms.

“It was total destruction. Without counting the building, the damage should be around 200 thousand euros or maybe more", he said, indicating that the club only has an insurance that only covers damages "up to 75 thousand euros".

Despite this setback, he assured that the community, which has about 50 athletes, will not stop.

Also the new mayor of Odemira, the socialist Hélder Guerreiro, who took office on Monday, announced that the municipality is “fully available” to support the club.

The club has also launched a fundraising campaign, which is being well received.