In a statement, the Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI) gave an account of the provisional numbers of rural fires until 15 October, noting that “the year 2021 has the lowest number of fires since 2011 and the second lowest in the decade with regard to burnt area”.

Data from the Ministry supervised by Eduardo Cabrita states that this year rural fires decreased by 16.3% compared to 2020 and the burnt area decreased by 58.8%.

According to the MAI, 83% of the fires had a burnt area of ​​less than one hectare, with 30 occurrences with a burnt area equal to or greater than 100 hectares and only two with a burnt area equal to or greater than 1,000 hectares.

"The percentage of fires dominated in the initial attack (first 90 minutes of the occurrence) is above 92%, an indicator that demonstrates the adequacy of the Special Rural Fire Fighting Device and the work of all civil protection agents involved in the fight against rural fires”, says the Ministry.

The MAI stated that due to weather forecasts, which continue to favour the occurrence and development of rural fires, the Minister of Internal Administration has extended, until October 31, the land-based device for fighting rural fires in fire brigades “in order to ensure maintenance of an adequate response to the risk of rural fire”.

The ground device is made up of 3,933 firefighters, corresponding to 798 teams, supported by 848 vehicles, which complement the permanent ground device and the 41 air assets that remain in service until the end of October.