"It is time to effectively debate the price formation mechanism, namely the question of whether the price should maintain a marginalist logic, which clearly penalizes countries like Portugal, where the renewable energy component is already particularly significant", said António Costa .

For the leader of the executive, in this context of energy crisis, the European Union "must maintain consistency in the objective of facing the climate emergency, without disregarding all the measures that may be necessary to respond to the fuel crisis".

“A crisis that, of course, cannot be ignored”, he stressed.

According to the Prime Minister, in response to the current crisis, energy interconnections must be increased “so that there is a truly integrated and interconnected European market”, as well as broadening the scope of interconnections with third countries “which can also be a source of clean energy, such as the case of Morocco”.

“We have to be able to diversify energy sources, focus on more on green hydrogen and expand the gateways to natural gas, which is a transitional energy. We cannot simply be dependent on Russia, Turkey and Algeria, we must each strengthen the transatlantic relationship here. Portugal is already the gateway for a third of the LNG coming from the United States – we can and must increase this share”, he defended.