You have to apply for the fund, then have to find an approved supplier, then have to pay for all the work, and then have to submit all the documents and invoices. And to actually be reimbursed, it depends if the fund has run out of money or not at the time you submit your documents after your job is finished. So it is impossible for an individual to know, after doing all this bureaucratic process, if they will get any money!

You have to pay thousands of euros to do a job and have not idea how much they will be refunded or if they will be refunded anything at all! How can anyone do a job without being able to budget.

Almost all the professionals I’ve talked to have no idea about the Fund (even at the largest stores), and even those who have been approved by the fund do not know how it works.

This fund is extremely complicated, bureaucratic and absolutely worthless for the majority of people who want to improve their houses and the environment.

This seems to be a huge waste of 30 Million Euros of EU money by bureaucratic government officials.

They say they are funding millions to combat climate change, but it seems in reality the money is wasted and hardly anything improves. Once again, ‘all talk and no action’!

James, Albufeira