On Tuesday, the workers of Metro de Lisboa meet a third day of partial strike between 05:00 and 09:30 for most workers and from 09:30 to 12:30 for the administrative and technical sector, foreseeing that the stations do not open as usual to start train circulation at 06:30 and that the service starts at 10:15, as on the two days of partial strike last week.

For Thursday, the 4th, a 24-hour strike is scheduled.

The notice was given on October 6th "due to the lack of answers to the questions raised, either in meetings with the minister of the Environment, or with the president of Metropolitano de Lisboa", according to information from FECTRANS.

Metro workers carried out on October 26 and 28 two partial strikes which, according to FECTRANS, had a high level of participation. According to the carrier, on the 26th the stoppage had an adhesion of 42.62% and on the 28th, 45.37%.

Last week, the carrier said in a statement that it is “receptive to the discussion of the proposals presented by the union entities, which are the object of negotiation”.

Workers carried out partial strikes on the job in May and June, taking into account the same demands presented for the new stoppage.

The Metropolitano de Lisboa operates with four lines: Yellow (Rato-Odivelas), Green (Telheiras-Cais do Sodré), Blue (Reboleira-Santa Apolónia) and Red (Airport-São Sebastião), from 06:30 to 01:00 all the days.