I had replied earlier to say that I could not release my parcel and had tried phoning them, no answer, my emails were being blocked and I could not successfully access their website to retrieve my order.

I have since sent a registered letter to CTT in Lisbon with copies of all the relevant information they required. I have used the tracking number at it looked like it was returned to my local Post Office in Alcantarilha. I then spoke with a call centre in Lisbon to verify this and he informed me that when my letter arrived at Ctt, it was refused to be accepted and was sent back to Alcantarilha. He then tracked my original parcel and informed that it had left Portugal and would be sent back to sender in UK. I didn’t even get a chance to pay for any tax fee.

I would like you to consider doing a really big article on the process of CTT, as I feel it is an appalling system and needs to have radical changes. As an ex pat living here in the Algarve for the past 3 years, it is shameful that we cannot receive little birthday/Christmas gifts from our loved ones at home!

Susan Price,

By email