Promoted by the municipality, the 37th edition of the Chestnut Festival in Marvão will take place between the 13th and 14th of this month.

“This year we will have a more restricted version of the fair due to the covid-19 pandemic, with three and a half tonnes of chestnuts [acquired from local producers] and a thousand litres of wine”, said the mayor of Marvão, Luís Vitorino.

For the mayor, the return of this event in a context still of pandemic aims to "give a boost" to the local economy.

In 2022, the mayor hopes to develop an edition of the Chestnut Festival in Marvão in a more regular way, since this is "one of the biggest events" in the region and annually welcomes thousands of visitors.

“This is one of the biggest events in Marvão, it is one of those that marks the culture of chestnuts and chestnut trees, traditions linked to chestnuts. Marvão had many more areas of chestnut trees than it has today, however, we continue to fight for more chestnut plantations, as they are a symbol of Marvão's landscape”, he stressed.

In the Alto Alentejo, the microclimate of the São Mamede mountains, favourable to the production of chestnuts, has already led the entities that oversee the sector to consider Marvão chestnuts as of protected origin.

In the area, the Bária and Clarinha species predominate in the fields.

During the days of the Chestnut Fair, visitors will be able to participate in wine and magustos tastings, attend lectures on chestnuts and 'showcooking', and purchase handicrafts and local products.