It may be needed to help to enhance creativity or even to understand how the legal system of a determined country works. The Base Cowork is a company based in Lisbon, which aims to help those who need extra help to start their business.

The Base Cowork started in 2020, as The Base Team told The Portugal News. The Base offers a lot of facilities for the members, such as rooms with different designs that can offer the members various environments, which they can choose to feel more comfortable while working at The Base.

According to The Base Team, the space “is unlike any other cowork” because a lot of energy is invested, “not only the professional but the personal lives of our members.” Besides offering free breakfasts to the members, The Base also has showers for those who want to work after a run, for example. The company also helps the members with “free legal lawyer service, free Portuguese and English lessons”, as well as accountant consultancy and dinner gift cards for members and friends.

To The Portugal News, The Base Team said that the company will partner and collaborate with their members, however, the cooperation with other groups may also be established. Currently, The Base has “started partnerships with groups in Spain, United Kingdom and South Korea.” In the future, The Base Cowork wants “to become a venture capital firm investing in eager young entrepreneurs, a coding camp for high-school students and offer mentoring and scholarships for refugees.” All of this while connecting with the community, while holding meetups “and events such as speaker series, wine events, trivia wine nights, workshops and markets”, celebrating Lisbon’s culture and entrepreneurs.

On the official website, The Base has available the pricing of the services of the company. The prices will vary from €99 to €499, a month. The website may be found on and the recommended package is the one called “Dedicated Desk”, with a price of €149 plus IVA, the members would have their own space, with ergonomic chair and private lockable drawers. The Base also offers, at a price of €20 plus IVA per hour, a conference room, where lectures and workshops may be held in a place with the capacity for up to six people.