The Park'Animal covers an area of ​​800 square metres and is the result of a project presented by Mariana Carvalho for "a leisure space where animals can have fun and get some exercise, free of leashes", adds the Câmara de Gaia in a statement.

Built with "a fenced area to prevent escapes", it has "some entertainment items for the animals", reveals the municipality who "invested €20,000 in the execution of the project", which had the "support of the Board of Arcozelo Parish”.

The objectives of the project were to "Renovating a space that is dysfunctional (Arcozelo Maintenance Circuit), give animals a suitable place for their walks, where they have no restrictions, reduce the amount of animal waste scattered on the streets and public gardens and reduce accidents during walks on public roads,” said Mariana Carvalho.

The equipment placed in the space “forms a circuit where a central clearing area is maintained so that animals can exercise without obstacles and in total safety”, the document points out.

Mayor, Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues, highlighted “youth as an opportunity and young people as positive agents of change with transformative potential”.

“We are working to value the rights and voice of young people, to recognise the importance of work in the youth field and create conditions and opportunities for young people to actively participate in the city's development,” he said.

In the latest edition of the Gaia Participative Youth Budget, the municipality provided "a record total amount of 360,000 euros, the largest in the country, with three areas in competition: creativity, culture and sport, environment and sustainability, and technologies and entrepreneurship".