“In terms of production and quality, the season can be considered reasonable for wine, but in chestnuts, there are production losses. However, in both cases, the difficulties of distribution at compensating prices persist, aggravated by the increase in the costs of production factors”, the CNA noted in a statement.

The production of chestnuts has “reduced significantly” and, despite an increase in the price of production, the amount paid to the farmer “is not enough to compensate for the reduction”.

For example, in Valpaços, district of Vila Real, the production of chestnuts will not exceed 1,000 kilos, when last year it stood at 3,000 kilos.

In the case of wine, production is expected to increase by 1%, despite declines in some regions, while prices are expected to remain low.

"In a year marked by bad weather, by the effects of the covid-19 pandemic, by the spiralling increase in the costs of production factors and by the increase in transport costs not assumed by commerce and industry, it is certain that the income of producers will remain low”, they added.

The CNA calls for measures that guarantee the flow of agricultural products “at better prices for production” and that curb the increase in the costs of production factors.