Piping, electricity, roofing, windows, moisture and a lot of other things that can represent a hefty hidden bill that you really want to avoid from the beginning can be picked up in a home inspection.

But, if the house is brand new, is a home inspection really necessary?
The answer is yes, without a doubt, especially if you bought it under construction.

It is very frequent for builders to deliver a very different product than that which was agreed originally with the buyer, and in many cases, of worse quality or with defects which can seem nonexistent during the excitement of receiving the new home.

Home inspectors can be a great help in detecting flaws and what may look like a simple repair or maintenance job, can be in fact be a significant cost that you would want to consider before accepting the property.

So if you’re acquiring a used or new house, an inspection report can put you on the safe side and protect your investment.

Make sure your decisions for a lifetime are well supported.

CBRE, member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors is the #1 Real Estate Advisor worldwide and is now providing home valuations and inspections in the Algarve and Lisbon area.

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