The PSD opted to abstain both from the PAN project, which intended to determine the restriction of civil night flights, except for special reasons and force majeure, and from the Left Block, which aimed to ban those flights, except in cases and landings because of an emergency or other responsive reasons.

Justifying the initiative, PAN emphasised “the need for the Government to review the restrictions on operations related to noise at airports”, in accordance with the principles of the European Union regulation, “with the greatest urgency, with a view to safeguarding of people's health and well-being”.

In the bill, the PAN states that the number of flights has been "systematically increasing" and this trend is expected to continue, thus also increasing "the risk to the health of those in the vicinity of airports, the case of Lisbon being one of the most evident examples of serious impacts on the population”.

In turn, the Left Block recalls, in its bill, the data released by the Environmentalist Zero Association, in July 2019, in the Campo Grande area, in Lisbon, regarding a set of measurements of noise pollution caused and movement of planes that take off land at Lisbon airport in the period between 00:00 and 06:00, which revealed maximum permitted limits.

The BE also states that the presence of an airport in the center of Lisbon is “a special cause for concern for the negative impacts and irreversible damage it represents for public health, the environment and the quality of life of the population that lives and works in the city”.