In a statement sent to Lusa, the association revealed that “the rise in electricity costs to values ​​that are reaching almost triple the price” could lead to the “unfeasibility of many agricultural holdings”.

A situation made worse by the “widespread increase” in the prices of production factors for agriculture, “namely fuel, fertilizers, animal feed and cereals”, they added.

According to ACOS, this increase in production costs in agriculture "is beginning to be felt in the rise in consumer prices, as is the case for bread, fruit and vegetables."

A scenario "which is making the continuity of many agricultural explorations unfeasible, especially livestock and agro-food processing", which leads the association to demand an intervention by the Government "in order to prevent the scarcity of supply of some agricultural products".

One of the measures called for by ACOS "is true green electricity", which they consider "fundamental to avoid the collapse of the balance between supply and demand", which leads to "a rise in prices, scarcity of products and closure of farms”.