"WSL has placed the Nazaré Challenge on stand by for a potential start on Sunday, December 12, or Monday, December 13," the WSL said in a statement, pointing to a large swell and favourable wind conditions that have given the organisation “great confidence” for the competition to progress on one of the two days.

The next call for the race is scheduled for Saturday, December 11th, at 12:00, and if the event is given the green light, competitors have approximately 34 hours to be ready to compete.

“We expect waves between 12 and 18 meters on Sunday and Monday, and we are closely analysing the forecasts over the next few days,'” said competition director Jessi Miley-Dyer.

According to the WSL official, the organisation is working with the Hawaiian Garrett McNamara, former record holder for the biggest wave surfed in the world, in the Nazaré canyon, on the decision to take to proceed with an event that will take place in a single day, organised in teams of two surfers and jet ski drivers.

Nazaré Big Wave Challenge

There will be nine teams in competition, one of them 100 percent Portuguese, with João de Macedo and António Silva, in addition to Nic von Rupp, who will line up with the Brazilian Pedro Scooby.

Also up for the competition are Brazilians Rodrigo Koxa and Maya Gabeira, holders of world records for the biggest waves surfed, in Nazaré, pairing up with Frenchman Eric Rebiere and German Sebastian Steudtner, respectively.

See the Nazaré webcams here to check the weather conditions.