“The immediate suspension of new registrations of local accommodation that the leftist parties and the independent councillor have approved reveals a very negative sign for tourism, for the local economy and, above all, for thousands of families who see this as an obstacle to their income”, he said.

At issue is the approval of a proposal by the councillors elected by the PS/Livre coalition for the "immediate suspension" of new registrations for local accommodation in the capital until the amendment to the municipal regulation of this activity comes into force.

The proposal was voted on at a private meeting of the municipal executive and was made possible with the votes against by PSD and CDS-PP, the abstention of BE, and the votes in favour of PS, Livre, independent councillor Paula Marques (elected by the PS/Livre coalition ) and PCP.

For the mayor of Lisbon, the parties on the left chose "to pursue party politics instead of favouring balanced public policy, which favours the quality of life of Lisboners and allows for sustained and balanced economic development", even more so in a phase of uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Reiterating the idea that local accommodation should deserve “a more effective inspection”, Carlos Moedas spoke out “against radical proposals”, which divide the city and the people of Lisbon.