As this ‘pandemic’ ufolds, I am repeatedly amazed by the number of people of my own acquaintance who, having received two or even three doses of covid vaccine, still do not know that:

• The vaccines have been issued under ‘temporary authorisation’ since testing has not been fully completed

• The pharma companies producing the vaccines have insisted on full immunity against any harms they might cause (and refuse to supply to such countries as will not grant such immunity)

• The immunity conferred by the vaccines is inferior to (and shorter-lived than) that from naturally-produced antibodies

• The Yellow Card reporting of adverse vaccine effects in the UK runs into thousands (and reporting is estimated to be around 10% of actual events).

And lately, of course, we’ve discovered that UK government employees are so convinced of the dangers of covid infection that they held Christmas parties in Downing St while the rest of the country suffered under lockdown rules and elderly relatives died unvisited in care homes.

Finally, the latest (and mildest) variant of covid looks likely to ruin everyone’s Christmas holidays once again, since our politicians remain invertebrate.

The globalists flew into COP26 and consorted with each other largely unmasked (except during the photo-ops), while telling us all to reduce our flying(!) and to be sure to wear masks and socially-distance.

Given the lack of public curiosity about the difference between the words and actions of the Great and Good, one can see why they think they can tell us whatever they like.

Paula Jones (UK),

By email