In an audio message sent to the media, José Gouveia, from ADN, highlighted once again the inconsistency of the “contradictory” measure to close the clubs, when other spaces with New Year's Eve parties may open, and considered that the Government “must take a step back”.

"What we are asking the Government, and we will continue to ask the Government, is that this measure, already considered contradictory, is corrected and that we be allowed to open on the 31st with immediate closing on the 1st until new measures implemented by the Government, because it effectively makes all the difference for these companies, bearing in mind that the Government will never be able, because it has never been able to date, to provide support to these companies. The opening on the 31st will make all the difference in keeping the doors open for these companies” he said.

José Gouveia highlighted that the night entertainment spaces will close from the night of December 24th to 25th because "they are part of the solution", but defends the creation of "safe places "for people to celebrate entering the New Year, warning for the possibility of uncontrolled gatherings and “the creation of spots that can be contagious with parties with between 30, 40, 50 people or more because there is no option for clubs”.