In the accident report and road inspection for September, the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR) states that, in the first ten months of the year, infringements for not using child seats (36.6%) and seat belts (18.8%) also increased, as well as the use of a mobile phone while driving (11.2%).

According to ANSR, 19,650 drivers were caught driving with a mobile phone in the first nine months of the year, against 17,675 up to September 2020, and 16,538 violations were recorded for not using seat belts (13,921 in 2020) and 1,754 for not using systems of child restraint (1,284 in 2020).

The document states that, between January and September, 44,512 drivers were fined for lack of mandatory inspection, while in the same period of 2020 24,271 administrative offenses had been detected.


In contrast, the authorities recorded a decrease of 14.4% in offenses for speeding and 7.1% in offenses for consumption of alcohol above the legal limit.

Despite the decrease, speeding records accounted for the majority of registered infractions, with 530,818 administrative infractions having been registered up to September, against 620,267 in the same month of 2020.

For excess of alcohol, the PSP and GNR registered 13,601 infractions, while in the same period last year, 14,648 drivers had been caught.