The free parking will apply to MobiCascais car parks and there will also be exemption from fees for terraces on public roads, two measures which have been adopted within the scope of the pandemic.

The orders to extend these measures, which are part of the Municipal Economic Recovery Program (PREM), within the scope of combating the crisis caused by Covid-19, were signed by the mayor of Cascais (district of Lisbon), Carlos Careers.

According to the decision, until the end of March 2022, the 3,740 spaces in the MobiCascais car parks will remain free and the agreements in these parks will continue to be suspended.

MobiCascais car parks have been free since March 2020, a measure that aims to "relieve the pressure on public transport by facilitating travel by those who have an alternative and, thus, encourage physical distance", stressed the municipality, in a note.

As a measure to support the local economy, the exemption of catering establishments from the payment of fees related to the occupation of public roads with terraces is also extended until the end of March.