Toll tariffs will register, in 2022, an average increase of 1.57%. "There are cases of toll rates that show a variation below the average or even nil, whereas, in other cases, the toll rates show a variation above the average, as they have not been updated in previous years", explains Brisa in a statement.

Despite the update, Brisa guarantees that on “most routes with a higher frequency of motorists or with greater length, the impact will be small”.

On the main long distance routes, A6 Marateca-Caia and A1 Lisbon-Porto, the update will be 20 cents and on the A2 Lisbon-Algarve, the update will be 35 cents.

With regard to the main urban routes, the A5 Lisbon-Cascais section will cost an additional 5 cents, similarly to the A4 Porto-Amarante and the A3 Sublanço Maia-Santo Tirso. On the A3 Porto-Valença, the rise will be 25 cents.

In 2020 and 2021, toll prices were unchanged and the last update of tolls in Portugal took place in 2019.

Brisa making investments

In addition to updating toll rates, Brisa plans to invest 65 million euros in the motorway network next year. The investment will be made in widening works, road surface improvements, construction of new Colibri stores, modernisation of equipment and major maintenance, across a network that covers more than 1,100 kilometres.

“The investment plan for 2022 exceeds by 41% and 25% the investments made in the motorways operated by Brisa Concesso Rodoviária, in 2020 and 2021, respectively, being the highest in recent years”, stresses Brisa.