The party has stated that they are committed to "a more cohesive society", "a more sustainable environment" and also claims to aspire to "a more child-friendly country with a sense of the future", countering the low birth rate with policies favourable to maternity and childhood, and preventing “tens of thousands of Portuguese people continuing to emigrate every year”.

The party recognises that the country has welcomed "thousands of emigrants and refugees", but considers that integration and settlement has not always been exemplary, and proposes to create an Agency for Migration, which would join the recently created Portuguese Agency for Migration and Asylum and the High Commission for Migration.

This agency would be focused “on attracting and retaining talent in Portugal”.

“We also defend the revision of the immigration law for its flexibility and adoption of the points system [PBS – points based system, more focused on qualifications than on the origin of immigrants] as well as a 'green card' system similar to the adopted in the USA”.