Before having a dog as a pet, in the past people also used dogs as a work tool, to help farmers, for example. In Portugal, besides having many farms, fishing is a very important activity for the economy.

During times when animals were used more often for helping workers, for the Portuguese fishermen, especially in the Algarve, the Portuguese Water Dog was used as a worker on the boats, as well as fishermen’s best friend.

In general, Portuguese Water Dogs like to play and may adapt to every environment, even an apartment. However, this breed requires a higher level of activity, so it is recommended that these dogs enjoy at least half an hour per day of walking or other activities.

The name of the breed speaks for itself, the Portuguese Water Dog will love activities that involve water, so owners may spend an afternoon at the beach to give the dog a good time, but owners should always make sure if the beach allows dogs first.

If there are children or cats at home, the Portuguese Water Dog will not be a problem as it can live together with them happily.

A Portuguese Water Dog may live 14 years and weigh 20 kilos.