“At least until the 21st or the 22nd [Friday or Saturday] the weather will be dry. There will be an intensification of the wind from Wednesday, we will have an increased feeling of cold, but rain is not expected”, said meteorologist Maria João Frada of the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA).

The meteorologist explained that the month of January has been dry and in December there were few episodes of precipitation.

Maria João Frada justified the dry weather with the existence of an anticyclonic blockade that prevents the normal progression at this time of year of frontal swells associated with depressions that come from the Atlantic.

With regard to temperatures, the IPMA meteorologist indicated that they have not been very low, as is typical in winter.

“We had above-average temperatures, but at this point they have dropped a little to what is usual in January, the coldest month,” she said.

According to Maria João Frada, temperatures will fluctuate between -4 degrees Celsius and 15 degrees and should remain that way.