Taikai, a Portuguese technology company that connects companies and innovators through hackathons, has just launched a new tool to help organisations recruit talent. The startup is offering crypto tokens to the best candidates during a selection process on its platform, whether or not the candidates are chosen, according to a report by Pessoas.

“The technology market has changed and selection processes also need to evolve. Our objective with the hiring challenge is to create a platform that values ​​the talent and time of each candidate during the selection process of a partner company, ensuring transparency throughout the recruitment process”, says Mário Alves, co-founder and CEO of the startup.

This recruitment challenge aims to facilitate the process of validating and attracting IT talent to technology companies, through the realisation of real challenges that candidates must solve. The best participants, who advance in the recruitment process, will receive crypto tokens, regardless of whether or not they are the chosen candidates.

“The process is simple and flexible,” says Taikai. “It can be done directly on the platform without the need for an external tool or integrated into an existing recruitment process. It is possible, in addition to the company launching the challenge, to monitor any candidate throughout the process, approve them for a next phase and allow team members to post comments about the candidate and the project.”

“The best profiles go for a first interview. At this stage, the number of candidates advancing to the interview is lower, compared to more traditional recruitment processes, since a more solid selection of potential candidates has already been made, in the challenge phase. The last step is the final interview: after that, it remains to hire the best talent”, explains Mário Alves.

After developing more than a hundred hackathons and counting on a community of 50,000 innovators, the hiring challenge is part of the ecosystem that Taikai intends to develop throughout 2022.