The most recent survey by Pitagórica for TVI/CNN Portugal, shows that the PSD (34.5%) have surpassed the PS (33.5%). The two major political forces are thus separated by one a single percentage point.

The previous Pitagórica poll, released last Friday, indicated 34.6% of voting intentions for António Costa and 33.5% for Rui Rio. But the most recent data reversed the scenario. The PSD managed to overtake the PS, thus gathering 34.5% of the voting intentions, while the Socialists are left with only 33.5%.

Chega is the third political force, with 6.5% of voting intentions. Left Bloc and Liberal Initiative appear in fourth position, both with 5.7% of voting intentions. Behind appears the CDU (PCP/PEV) with 4.7%, the PAN (1.6%), the Livre (1.2%) and, finally, the CDS (0.8%).